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Hello there. My name is Steven and today I’ m your host. Here, on this website and on this article I will present we Instagram Hack and some notions about Instagram. Let’ s go!
Instagram is one of the most used social media networking site that gained his popularity largely alone, after receiving a helping hand from FaceBook when he bought the platform. On Instagram people around the globe post photos and short videos. Here you can receive Likes and users can follow you and your activity just as you can follow them and their activity. Some people say it is the site where kids can post anything without their parents can see it. There is no limit or other restrictions specific posting. The popularity that many want to achieve is to have more Followers than Following. Most of pictures you will find are from different locations on Earth and food, less pictures of people, animals and cars.

Who does not know, Instagram is a FREE application for smartphones. Initially it was only an application developed for IOS platform, but on 3 April 2012 is available on Google Play for Android phones and now is available on Windows Phone Store for windows mobile.
Once you have downloaded the application and you did your Instagram account, you can share your photos taken with your smartphone to watch or be watched by different users. When you post a photo on Instagram is good to use to describe the pictures, onw, two, three hastag # which can represent your phonto.
Like any site, game, etc, users need a hack. In this case they need Instagram Hack, a hack which can give Likes, Followers or which display other user password. Using this, you can give you a lot of Followers and a lot of Likes. By entering the username, you can add you Likes or Followers. If you want to know the password you can do the same. If you choose Like section you have the opportunity to select the picture where you want to get Likes. You can choose to receive random Likes or you can select the accounts you want to Follow you or press Like to you. You can also select which account you want to comment on your posts. There are 34 languages in which you receive comments.
Instagram Hack can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere on the globe. It is available for any operating system and any device. It is very easy to use and you do not create difficulties and does not contain viruses.
All the proof of Instagram Hack function will be found on Comments section. And forum is full of positive messages and comments. On Forum you will find a pictures with Instagram Hack tests statistics. He earned maximum points and extended his range. He shattered the competition from the early days.

Many people in the market was surprised that FaceBook offers a large sum for an application developed by a company with less than ten employees. Explanations as though, from a desire prevent other companies to buy Instagram, to estimate that the application will increase enormously, about the kind of evolution YouTube since it was taken by Google. However, on Instagram are posted daily over five million photos and the launch was surpassed one billion. FaceBook promises that its nea acquisition will continue to operate with tival social networks and will be kept as an independent entity, especially as some of you might be annoyed that the application has reached the hand of FaceBook.

FaceBook has updated policies to ban all arms sales though the two platforms. FaceBook site that has 1. 59 billion users, the site has already banned the sale of marijuana, pills and illegal drugs. Lately increased popularity of FaceBook groups where different things can be posted for sale. FaceBook prohibits such provate arms sales. However, FaceBook says that licensed firearms retailers will be posting further.


The technology is a process of social history and as such can not be addressed separately from the entire social reality, culture and philosophy. In this regard, we can say that man became human when he started to work, think and create technology, building gradually between society and nature, a technological environment more dense, profound impact on development.
The concepts of technology and information technologies

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The notion of technology was outlined in the extensive process of becoming human, every era has marked the evolution of society and progress technologically in various fields of human activity.
Literature has tried to capture, in the most synthetic of the concept of technology, which is defined at one point as “the ability, in the form of physical structure or knowledge embedded in an artifact (software, hardware, methodology), which facilitates  an objective “. In another statement, he resided in “the knowledge, tools and techniques available to the organization to transform inputs into outputs; a transformation that can refer to something very abstract, such as a formula, a recipe or method, or something concrete, such as machinery and equipment. ”
In an area more comprehensive concept of technology designates “all systematic knowledge about human activities that make use of results of scientific research, experiments, calculations and projects, as well as tools, machines and apparatus; small assembly processes (methods, recipes, rules) and material resources (tools, machines, equipment) used for the performance of an activity. ”

Also, regarded as field and in the context of technological and scientific revolution contemporary technology is the “science of achieving the most efficient way, the functions needed by the company, and man, but also a practice, an engineering these functions.”

At the same time, the character is interesting and philosophical concept of technology, which is the more relevant, as the technology in the sphere of informational deepened. The new items of information, artificial intelligence and robots intelligent microelectronics, genetic engineering, undertakes to reflect whether the human species will not be replaced by another that no one has time to wait biological evolution of man, the other resulting from its activity technological (conscious ).

Track Phone

Phone Tracker

With the status project astronomer, Track Phone. Track Phone Europe desires to be freelance of the yank GPS. There square measure currently new satellite on the means into their orbit. however the ecu navigation system is complete, it takes a still – disputes of the partner countries delay the project once more and once more. A Soyuz rocket has with success brought 2 new satellites for the ecu navigation system astronomer into area. “The satellites square measure on the proper track,” aforementioned the top of the ecu area Agency (ESA), Jan Wörner. With astronomer, Europe desires to be freelance of the yank GPS. His position information to is utilized in the long run everywhere the planet for instance of navigation devices in cars. The multi-billion dollar EU status project was delayed but continuously once more. track phone


The carrier rocket with the one.4-ton wares of sophisticated started shortly when 4:00 UT from the ecu space platform Kourou in French geographical region. when virtually four hours flight the satellite “Alba” and “Oriana” in twenty three.522 kilometer were exposed to altitude, rocket operator Arianespace proclaimed. specialists within the Darmstadt-based management|communication system} centre control them currently into its final orbit.
The satellites square measure range nine and ten within the astronomer constellation, which can embody up to 2020, a complete of thirty satellites. “We have managed solely a 3rd of the work, however this is often the foremost troublesome simple fraction,” ESA program Chief Didier Faivre aforementioned.

Last year a flaw had ensured when the beginning that were exposed to 2 astronomer satellites within the wrong orbit. Later, you may be navigated during a additional favorable position. 2 additional satellites square measure to follow in December, 2016, a launch of AN Ariane-5 rocket is regular with four satellites. Thus, the start of initial astronomer services nearer as Paul Flament, program manager of the Commission, aforementioned on Th. this is often estimate for 2016 – still gave the ESA however no final go-ahead. Originally initial Galileo-based offerings ought to 2008 become accessible. because of disputes among the partner countries, there have been delays however once more and once more. track phone

The German part Center calculable the price of the project to concerning six billion euros last year, another seven billion euros for operational and developing square measure predicted within the EU budget by 2020. Europe argues that the prevailing yank and Russian navigation systems square measure controlled by the military. If or not it’s taken out once, civilian users would be screwed. additionally, astronomer can give additional correct position information.


ESA chief Wörner meantime already pondering the amount when 2020: “we ought to suppose to the long run. There should be a second generation, as a result of these satellites can work forever.” A Soyuz rocket has with success brought 2 new satellites for the ecu navigation system astronomer into area. “The satellites square measure on the proper track,” aforementioned the top of the ecu area Agency (ESA), Jan Wörner, on Friday. track phone

With astronomer, Europe desires to be freelance of the yank GPS. His position information to is utilized in the long run everywhere the planet for instance of navigation devices in cars. The multi-billion dollar EU status project was delayed but continuously once more. The carrier rocket with the one.4-ton wares of sophisticated started shortly when 4:00 UT from the ecu space platform Kourou in French geographical region. when virtually four hours of flight the satellite “Alba” and “Oriana” in twenty three 522 kilometers were exposed to height, as rocket operator Arianespace proclaimed. specialists within the Darmstadt-based management|communication system} centre control them currently into its final orbit. track phone

The satellites square measure range nine and ten within the astronomer constellation, which can embody up to 2020, a complete of thirty satellites. “We have managed solely a 3rd of the work, however this is often the foremost troublesome simple fraction,” ESA program Chief Didier Faivre aforementioned. Last year a flaw had ensured when the beginning that were exposed to 2 astronomer satellites within the wrong orbit. Later, you may be navigated during a additional favorable position.

Two additional satellites square measure to follow in December, 2016, a launch of AN Ariane-5 rocket is regular with four satellites. Thus, the start of initial astronomer services nearer as Paul Flament, program manager of the Commission, aforementioned on Th.

Phone Number tracker

Track phone is the software that helps you locate telephone devices even if they are old or art. First track who uses the phone must know the phone number or IMEI of the device. However Track phone to help locate the device connecting to the artificial earth satellites. After ending the phone will open a track processed preferably map google maps and shows the point where the device is.

Nato Protection State

The Ministry of national defense began the year 2016 in force with purchases of weapons, plans for military drills and other international initiatives. At first glance it confirms such commitment in 2015 to increase the defence budget to 2% of GDP starting in 2017. Although it was not put into practice this budgetary allocation, acquisitions from the beginning of the year indicates that the agreement on defence is functional. More show that the Russian threat is taken seriously at the political level while Romania is attempting to compensate both internally and externally.


NATO naval force in the Black Sea- Government gave publicity to the strategic priorities and sectoral action plans of action of the ministries. An exercise of otherwise welcome transparency. If the Mnd to 2016 strategic priorities chapter include the establishment of multinational groups in Romania-a desideratum, and shared among the Member States on the eastern flank. Within these plans are “taking-up approaches for the establishment of a NATO naval groups into the Black Sea after NATO naval groups”. The last chapter is cost sec “at no cost”.

From the military point of view, this is one natural considering the annexation of Crimea to Russia’s modernisation plans and of the Black Sea fleet. In terms of political this is very complicated. Primarily because of the Montreaux Convention governing access arrangements in the Black Sea region, which will limit the duration of NATO naval presence, and the number of ships involved.

Crucial to the success of this initiative is the political support of Turkey. If Ankara, that control access to the Black Sea, then oppose initiative is dead. It is not the first time that Romania also proposes an initiative — in 2005 Basescu has proposed expanding Operation Active Endeavour in the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Then, however, this initiative, together with the Romanian Black Sea projects were “submerged” concerted opposition of Russia and Turkey.

At present relations between Russia and Turkey are tense because of the situation in Syria, but also due to the Kremlin in the Black Sea asertivității. Ankara, so there will be more open to such initiatives diplomatico-shipbuilding than in the past, at least those are the expectations of the Romanian State. Romania will however have to navigate this delicate subject so as not to appear that ațâță Turkey against Russia. Then there are convinced of the desirability of such initiatives and European countries such as Germany, France and Italy, the other two being Mediterranean powers, which have close relations with Russia. Considering the fact that this initiative appears listed as a project of the Mnd that there is already an agreement in principle with regard to diplomatic this project-but let us not hurry yet with feedback.

The project, if implemented, will result in long-term, internationalization, the Black Sea and the Bosphorus straits and weakening the regime. Russia has already alarmed by the prospect of implementation in practice of the Romanian initiative and reacted, currently only rhetorically.


Secondly, the question is what form it will take this initiative. Blackseafor will be of type, i.e., it will include all the littoral States of the Black Sea, NATO and partnership for peace, less Russia without permanent command structure, but with a significant contribution from the u.s. and other members of the Alliance? It will be a permanent mission type Active Endeavour, carried out by the littoral States of the Black Sea, NATO, to which Member States will participate of the PfP (Ukraine and Georgia even though it has reduced naval assets) and supported, within the limits of the Montreaux Convention, other Member States of the Alliance? Finally, although not apparent from the plans made public by Mnd, could be the creation of a new NATO maritime Group (Standing Maritime Group) Although can short-term Alliance force that would patrol the United Negră would be an extension of SNMG2, operating in the Mediterranean.

Thirdly the cost problem. The document indicates, I would say naively that the activation of such forces do not incur. This statement can be true only in chapter diplomatic and this hurts very short term. At the time that Romania will propose/proposed this project to its NATO allies, will be asked by them which will be her contribution to this ambitious project in the Black Sea shipyard. While any contribution costs. You can’t articulate a policy without naval ships. Romania is vulnerable here, since it has not acquired the ship in 2002.

United States Armed Forces

The US Navy is about to equip their vessels with electromagnetic cannons, which launches at five times the speed of the sound, and even laser weapons, seem to emerge from science fiction movies.


Six years after the first tests, the US Navy is nearing completion of a new weapon “is to fundamentally change” the way it conducts naval battles, reports the Daily Mail. Electromagnetic cannon, which is based on a “technology worthy of Star Wars” has become reality and will be installed on US ships, starting in 2016.

Electromagnetic weapons are not new, they were invented now more than 90 years, early last century. Researchers in the US have succeeded in developing the concept, making “science fiction into reality,” says Admiral Matthew Klunder. New weapon can launch projectiles at distances over 160 kilometers at a speed seven times greater than that of sound. The technology is based on the Lorentz force exerted by an electromagnetic field on an electrical charge point and uses no gunpowder or explosive charge. The US Navy has developed and already tested two prototypes, which will be mounted on ship USNS Millinocket assault in 2016.


Electromagnetic cannon itself consists of two parallel metallic connected to a source of electricity. A projectile conductor inserted between the two rails completes the circuit, and electrons move from the negative terminal, along the positive terminal and back shells, cannon becoming an electromagnet. Lorentz force thus generated pushes the projectile, which accelerates to hypersonic speeds being faster and having a radius greater than those released by conventional weapons. The incredible speed eliminates the need of an explosive charge, thus reducing weight, cost and size shells. The American Army has the latest technology in terms of why it is known that history could fly their planes with double speed than the opposition.


Military analysts are already wondering whether we will see a third world war, while specialists have already made top countries that could win such a conflict.

And ask how far it could take a war like this, when there are more advanced weapons, especially nuclear ones, that would solve a conflict in minutes, hours, days or months?

They made a top 5 and, obviously, Russia is on the podium, even though last. For the shootout, focused on the number of soldiers and military ships and aircraft, money invested and the number of nuclear tests carried out.

Russian Federation is based on the soldiers 3.25 million, spending $ 90.7 billion in 2013 on facilities and staff,  4.4% of Russia’s GDP.

It has 1,900 fighters and 1,655 attack helicopters! 4502 exercises were conducted nuclear soldiers.

Russia has thus become the third largest spender on defense elements in the world, the global trend is now growing for the first time in five years, surpassing even the United Kingdom.

For the next three years, the trend is that Russian army costs to grow by 44%, aiming to revitalize the area by investing in military hardware and in its military training and instruction.

Russia is already the second largest air force in the world and the sea and the second largest nuclear arsenal so undoubtedly wants to remain a major military power for long.

Regarding the other four states could possibly win a third World War, they are Britain, India, United States and China.

USA not officially revealed where in Europe will conduct this military equipment, but press information on these military plans have sparked a nervous reaction of Moscow before Carter’s movement in Europe this week.

The probability of an armed confrontation between the US and Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops is very low, most analysts say. Ukraine is not a member of NATO and President Barack Obama will not employ perhaps one US into a new war. But many countries are part of Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO. It is Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic states. If all these countries to help jump Ukraine.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the first step of a new generation of Windows. Windows 10 unlocks new experiences and will run over a set of devices incredibly broad: from the Internet to data servers worldwide. Windows 10 will deliver good experience on a suitable at an appropriate time. Windows 10 has again Start button, so users familiar. The new browser, Microsoft Edge, is much faster, secure – if you try to go on dangerous sites, alerts you because antivirus technology. It has its own antivirus, Windows Defender.


The command line has been enhanced with the ability to paste text and select as an editor and keyboard shortcuts are many and useful. A new location in File Explorer “Home” that allows quick access to favorite folders in your most visited folders and files recently. Also, there are two new buttons on the ribbon in File Explorer: Add To Favorites and Share. Programs and applications can now be grouped virtual desktops.

View Task Alt + Tab display replaces the previous versions of windows and switching function in Windows 10 with a single consistent interface for switching between applications, programs and desktops. Using snap (sticking windows equal division edge of the screen space available for display), now we can have up to 4 applications and programs simultaneously on the screen. Additionally, Snap Assist function help comes in the selection window that we want to display side by side in Snap. Microsoft introduces management options and energy-saving batteries similar to those of modern mobile operating systems.

In Windows 10, all applications will run in their own windows as long as the user does not opt ​​for the touch mode. Moreover, the system will automatically detect when a user connects or disconnects the keyboard to a tablet or a hybrid computer (2in1).

A new Internet browser – Spartan. Available on Windows smartphones and computers with Windows 10, Spartan will be able to run Chrome extensions developed for rival software from Google. Moreover, Spartan will include digital assistant Cortana, the ability to save web pages for reading offline later or able to capture only an area of ​​a web page and save that image online OneNote note-year service. The program features Internet browsing Reading Mode function that focuses on text and allows users to read articles on the web without being bothered by commercials.

Photos new photo application can automatically correct the defects in images and can automatically create albums based on the date and place where the pictures were taken.

Windows 10 introduces 3D elements with device HoloLens that does not require cables, phones or a connection to a PC that comes with advanced sensors and lenses holographic HD transparent and sound that takes into account the space, so that you can see and hear holograms around Your.

Windows 10 offers a very good privacy and can keep your old data that you had before you installed Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with more useful and more extensive controls for your computer, which provides a facility to make some easy commands PC.

Windows 10 users will automatically receive updates Home from Windows Update, it will be available. Users of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro Enterprise can postpone the update. Users of Windows 10 Pro can defer updates for a limited time. To accomplish the upgrade is required is an Internet connection. Windows 10 is a large file – about 3 GB.

Windows 10 highlight video card, RAM, Hard Disk, which offers more speed all orders that we do is compatible with the hardware and software you already use. Games will run faster because they contain many new innovations based on technology.

The most important aspect is that Windows 10 is designed for a variety of devices from phones, tablets, PCs, displays wide, the device’s multitouch screen and Xbox.

Technology news

Chinese contributions to science and technology square measure varied, nonetheless in premodern China there was neither the idea of “technology” nor a word for it. pictures portrayal technology fell into a wider class, tu, of representations meant for sensible use. There wasn’t a word for “art” either, though art—painting in particular—played an important role in Chinese culture. it’s value keeping in mind, however, that English has no record of the word “technology” before the mid-19th century either, a reminder of however inadequate it is to guage the past with the standards of this. 1437720385515072_480_320

In spite of myriad Chinese achievements, the prevailing narrative has been one in every of stagnation, of China falling behind the West. Picturing Technology in China, that traces the history of illustrations of technology in pre-industrial China, may be a welcome addition to a series of specialist studies that separate from with the prevailing read and seeks to know Chinese technology on its own terms. Peter J Golas, of the University of capital of Colorado and also the author of the amount on mining in Joseph Needham’s monumental Science and Civilisation in China, states his viewpoint from the outset:

I shun the all-too-common approach that sets up the ecu achievements as some reasonably universal normal so seeks explanations for why the Chinese were unable to satisfy that normal. i’m especially curious about understanding the complicated of motivations that crystal rectifier the Chinese to supply the photographs they did, not why they “failed” to supply pictures additional like those in Europe.

Although Golas goes all the manner back to the Neolithic, he identifies the Song (960-1279) because the golden age of technology illustration, once the foremost outstanding works were printed. The prime example is that the Building Standards (Yingzao fashi), that in keeping with Needham marks the celestial point of Chinese technical drawing. associate degree imperially-commissioned manual for building government edifices, abundant of its deserves rest with the author Li Jie, associate degree accomplished designer, painter and skilled worker. the initial, dated concerning 1091, was lost with the complete contents of the imperial libraries once the offensive Jurchen raped the capital Kaifeng in 1127, however it survived in several versions.

Traditional Chinese design was principally supported timber-frame structures, a key of that was building by modules. Building Standards includes ground plans, elevations and sections, moreover as drawing of element elements (beams, columns, and also the distinctive bracket blocks), however it lacks representations of building strategies and also the tools and machines used.

Another outstanding example is photos of cultivation and Weaving (Gengzhi tu), 2 series of paintings created around 1145 by another scholar official, Lou Shu. The originals also are lost however were reproduced varied times therefore on become a genre. however verity nature of those drawings is revelatory: Roslyn Hammers, author of images of cultivation and Weaving: Art, Labor and Technology in Song and Yuan China (2011), currently the essential reference for this work in keeping with Golas, notes that though Lou Shu’s work seems to possess a primarily sensible purpose—to show a way to cultivate the land or weave silk—the pictures lack technological content. Rather, they show a priority for the well-being of farmer families and also the relations between rulers and dominated.

This trend of de-emphasising technology continuing. within the later Exploitation of the Works of Nature (1637), by Song Yingxing, “the most complete and competent account of ancient Chinese technology that had nonetheless been written,” once more it doesn’t seem that technology was the target, however instead mistily rising people’s lives.

Picturing Technology in China reveals associate degree intriguingly uneven story: text was most popular to explain technology (machinery, production strategies and tools); photos weren’t devices for understanding machines; and different human or maybe political issues were the priority. The illustrations’ main subject material was agriculture—although technology here was rudimentary—followed by sericulture and design, however there was hardly any illustration of hydraulic technology and also the ceramic trade, fields wherever the Chinese excelled.

Nevertheless, some photos of the Song and Yuan dynasties will show a high degree of accuracy, square measure intelligible and superior to similar representations in medieval Europe. a decent example is that the 12th-century masterpiece on the stream at the Qingming pageant painted by Zhang Zeduan: a close-up depicts well the slung and balanced rudder system on a ship. However, this painting marks the division of a sensible vogue that shortly fell out of favor.

One of the central queries in Golas’s study is why the achievements of Song and Yuan dynasties were therefore rarely improved upon or maybe matched. The values, he replies, changed. Realism was replaced by a stress on suggestion, artistic movement and private expression. Why this happened is, in keeping with the late historiographer archangel Sullivan, “one of the foremost fascinating queries within the study of Chinese art.” The revival of philosophical doctrine (or Neo-Confucianism) looks to possess vie a serious role, with the elite’s dominance of painting, their instilled prejudices against material issues, and also the perceived superiority of abstract principles, painting taking over the aesthetic standards of hand.

Although the unfold of illustration had been helped by woodblock printing, that had been fictitious earlier within the seventh century, Golas blames the inertia of this method, that “came typically to keep up technology that was noncurrent if not obsolete.” He additional points to the long-lived veneration for the Chinese brush—versatile for creative expression, however of restricted precision—to the exclusion of the other drawing instrument from the Han dynasty to the 20 th century. For the foremost half, these pictures stuck to a uncomplete illustration of area, lacking depth and volume.

online games

online games

In the past, the beautiful of these puzzles was the naturalness with which they were integrated into the game, even with the context and meaning of the story. So were you motivated to keep trying to find out who the killer is, where is the princess or which way to grab to kill the dragon. Now, logic and integration have given way to the puzzle for the sake of the idea, because it should be: an adventure has puzzles. Cretin, illogical, stupid solutions, but to be there. Perhaps that’s why the few successful adventure series nowadays Sam & Max episodes are tailored Fixed modern player: short, with funny lines and situations justifying fancy strange riddles perfect integration solutions as bizarre.

Return to origins

Recently, I tried to replay via Steam Hexen, Heretic, and the first Call of Duty and so on. Bored, clearly, if I turned over a decade ago in games showing at least bad in terms of graphics and funny moves, no matter how well it was rebuilt for Windows 7. I also enjoyed enormous when Lucas decided to restore the graphics and sound Monkey Island series, the game already having reached number two in the modern version. TBS King’s Bounty reminded us that strategies grandfather’s lap, Sam & Max episodes also received and EA announced that returns to NFS: Hot Pursuit.

It’s nice to be able to replay childhood passions without resort to Dos Box and other strange ways to make them run. But this successful return to the game 15 years ago is also something else: industry short of ideas and, above all, courage. Among large companies, Ubisoft has just come in recent years with a new series which has successful Assassin’s Creed. She tried the big finger with Mirror’s Edge, for example, but gave up quickly without probably aware that lack of interest in the game fell, but technical and design issues. At least it seems that Dead Space is on track in terms of popularity.

But there are ideas and the first direction is considered Russian space. Full of bugs, circumspect and even regarded with contempt, the games in this area fail to come up with original ideas or even with the use of already-established in new ways. And one of their major advantages is the use of literature devoted to stories just waiting to be adapted. Of course, it’s not easy, and there is clearly great books that will not be implemented anytime soon even the movie or movies you have no chance to make games; personally, I would like to see if that would come out of Asimov’s Foundation or the film 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley

Why? Because STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl has adapted a novel SF extraordinary and bizarre film made about her at least in a large open world shooter with dozens of missions and seven different endings. Obviously that was charged for technical issues, but that does not stop him from becoming a hit, the players rushed to sink in a real world and yet so different from our world. The result was that in 2012 STALKER 2:01 knocking.

Then we have around small studios with limited resources, but I want to bring forward creations. In most cases, however, lack the money and the result is unfortunately mediocre; We adventures, shooters and strategies that fail to rise in the area of grades 5-6, few players even get to finish them, and critics abolish them mercilessly. You should pass a law: at least one point from office because you managed to make a game, to the public, possibly even sell something tiny budget (or 0, using open source or free items) and only two people at the helm.



History of Technology 6

History of Technology 6

Artificial intelligence is part of computer science and is the study and design of intelligent agents that understand the environment and take action. John McCarthy who founded the idea in 1956 defines artificial intelligence as “the science and engineering realization of intelligent machines”.

A predator robot: Ecobot

Ecobot (ecological robot) is made by Bristol Robotics Laboratory. What sets it apart is that it uses as fuel as insects. HistSciTechHome

Biomass is converted into electricity through microbial fuel cell (MFC).

These cells generate electricity due to bacteria that releases a powerful stream of electrons, since the microorganisms begin to digest animal matter.

At Ecobot I, voltage measuring circuit 5.4 volts and 15 mA, working from 1.93 – 2.83 volts. Ecobot I can travel 80 inches in 20 minutes at the speed of 2.4 meters per hour.

Ecobot II can work uninterrupted 12-day consumption 8 flies. Ecobot III, a newer version has even better performance: consumption was reduced to five flies, autonomy period has increased to two weeks, and the robot was decreased, reaching the size of a matchbox.

Ecobot III is equipped with cameras and sensors and can operate without stopping. Unlike Ecobot II, it is able to procure their own food using a container that releases pheromones to attract flies and a pump they aspire.

The main objective was to make a robot able to collect energy from the environment and do not consume much energy. For this has been achieved circuits operating at low current.

In many recent inventions systems are used which works perfectly in nature, and this robot is added to their list. Although batteries as a power source more efficient than flies Ecobot presents a first step towards a new – and strange – generation of robots. Cells are able to provide a small amount of energy. Animals can store energy for use later. For this we used batteries to store energy until it comes to a high level and then transmitted to the robot to put it into operation.

Big Dog, the most advanced quadruped robot

BigDog quadruped robot developed by Boston Dynamics company is the most advanced quadruped robot achieved so far. It can easily go over rough terrain and keeps the balance even when slipping on ice or pushed (see video).

The robot is controlled by a computer through multiple actuators, a gasoline engine, sensors and using a hydraulic system that put in motion 4 feet. It features a laser gyroscope and a stereo camera system.

BigDog measures 1 meter long, 70 cm tall and weighs 75 kg. The robot can reach a speed of 1.7 m / sec, can climb slopes of 35 degrees and can carry 150 pounds back.

Computer with a frequency of updating and repositioning of 500 times per second, can effectively command aluminum legs of the robot. Being equipped with sensors that measure the strength and position, the computer determines where each leg must be to preserve balance.

Boston Dynamics is a company specialized in robotics and human simulation. Have any applications ranging from military robots to virtual prototypes to simulate various workouts. The company was born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where Marc Raibert and colleagues conducted robots that were animal-like behavior and movements. In 2002 they founded the company Boston Dynamics.Astazi, many organizations and companies worldwide offer solutions and is involved in projects for the Boston Dynamics, and the US Army and Sony Corporation.

Big Dog Project is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and will probably be used for military purposes, to reach places inaccessible to ordinary vehicles with wheels.

Other robots created by Boston Dynamics Big Dog’s brothers are RHex, Rise and Little Dog. More information about them can be read on the website

Although the rooms are not currently used for navigation, it is intended that the next BigDog use them to observe the terrain and avoid obstacles. Currently, the robot is controlled by remote control, but these versions, more powerful, will be able to take intelligent action and to guide without the help of men.

Certainly the future in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence will be very interesting.

Robots: the future of agriculture

Robots: the future of agriculture
A “band” of robots deals sowing, communicating among themselves and acting coordinated. Robot-farmer, designed by the company Dorhout R & D, projected future development of agriculture, the bulk of heavy duty could be made by robots.

IL ScampWeeding1024x768HA
For now, the robot-farmers “know” only to sow, but the company is also considering the design of systems capable plivească to swollen fertilizer and gather the harvest, largely replacing human labor.
In the video, the robots can be seen in action: moving in any direction, avoiding obstacles; using a sensor placed at the bottom to see if a particular place was put a seed; if the place was not seeded, then dig a dimple machine and place a seed, guiding the action with an “electronic eye”.
At the same time, each robot communicates with others, notifying them about what makes a system inspired by how to organize ant colonies. When an ant finds food, it announces the event the other ants in the group releasing a pheromone that attracts them to the food source. In the same way, a robot can be controlled by a signal group actions.
Robots can sow a plot of land in different ways, depending on the instructions, and maximize process efficiency, overcoming the limitations of conventional agricultural machinery, which can not only plant in rows.
Images that anticipates the future: as a flock of flying mini-robots
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a system whereby small quadrocopterele can fly complex formations, foreshadowing a future where robots are also used mini on the battlefield.
Mini-flying robots were designed by the company KMel Robotics and coordination system that allows the 16 quadrocoptere (four propeller flying machines) make complex maneuvers was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, in the laboratory GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing, and Perception).
Every little robot has sophisticated sensors that allow it to be positioned precisely so that flying mini-robots can move in groups, avoiding obstacles and having the ability to change formation flight in 3D space.
Hybrid robot can turn the helicopter

A hybrid robot that can both move on the ground and in the air, was presented at the recent International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Shanghai.
Switching between the two modes involves a series of Rube Goldberg maneuvers to, but also from other inventions. Although its design is not elegant, Papanikolopoulos Nikolaos’s creation of the University of Minnesota boasts the ability to fly like a plane, maintaining the stability of a ground robot.
Robot that can turn, is the latest attempt to solve one of the most troublesome problems in the world of robotics – varied terrain.
Next, a robot could be optimized for one type of soil: tracked flying machines were ideal for mud and sand, wheeled robots are perfect for road, equipped with the legs are used to traverse obstacles, and the segment, like snakes are useful for rolling in the grass.
For dual role on various surfaces, roboticists have tried to combine one or more of these ways. “Chaos”, the robot search and rescue US Army has two tracks that can change shape becoming rudimentary legs with which to override the rubble. A snake robot type of a company called SARC has tracked allowing it to turn in the approximate shape of a miniature tank, making it possible to move both orizonatală and vertically.
The aircraft’s convertible Papanikolopoulos is the first robot capable of avoiding the flight lands own variables and can be programmed to go over the walls.
The major disadvantage of the robot at the University of Minnesota are cost and complexity. It proved more efficient to build the robot with two completely independent engine systems than designing a transmission enabling low-speed engines to power the rotors, or vice versa. Rotor system alone cost almost $ 20,000.